Cold Aisle Containment Data Center with Raised Floor Tiles

What is Aisle Containment?

Data center managers often ask what is aisle containment? Aisle containment is a method used to improve energy efficiency in data centers. Containment creates physical barriers between rows of server racks in order to contain and direct the flow of cool air to hotspot locations. This helps to prevent hot and cold air from mixing, which can lead to inefficient cooling and higher energy costs.

There are several types of containment systems, including:

  • What is hot aisle containment: This method encloses the hot aisle, and directs exhaust air from the server racks. This prevents hot air from mixing with cool air and allows the air conditioning system to more effectively cool the cool aisle.
  • What is cold aisle containment: This method encloses the cold aisle, to deliver cool air to server racks. This method directs cool air is to server racks and prevents it from escaping.
  • Room-level containment: This is a more comprehensive approach to contain entire data center rooms with separate cool and hot air handling systems. This allows for more precise control of the temperature and airflow within the room.

Server Row with Aisle Containment in a Data CenterOne of the benefits of aisle containment is increased energy efficiency.

By preventing hot and cold air from mixing, the air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to maintain the proper temperature in the data center. This can result in significant energy savings. Additionally, aisle containment improves equipment lifespan. Using containment, reduces the amount of dust and other particles that accumulates in server racks.

Aisle containment can also help to improve the overall layout and organization of a data center. Moreover, by enclosing aisles, it can be easier to keep cables and other equipment organized, which can improve maintenance and troubleshooting.

Implementing containment requires a significant investment. The energy savings and improved equipment lifespan makes the investment worthwhile in the long run. Additionally, the overall reduced energy consumption of the data center can have a positive impact on the environment.

Well planned containment design is important. Designers take into account the layout of the data center, the data centers equipment and the airflow patterns. Improperly designed aisle containment causes air blockage or hot spots, reducing the efficiency and performance of the data center.

Overall, containment is a valuable method for improving the energy efficiency of data centers and reducing operating costs. Containment prevents hot and cold air from mixing. Simultaneously, containment directs the flow of cool air to hotspot locations. Accordingly, this improves the overall performance of the data center. High-flow perforated data center floor tiles are used deliver cold air to hotspot points in a server aisle.

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DCFTWhat is Aisle Containment?