Data Center Technicians Consider Used Raised Floor Tiles

Used Raised Floor Tiles

What happens when your data center or office building needs to replace damaged or discontinued floor tiles? Used raised floor tiles, replacement floor tiles or refurbished panels will need to be sourced.

How to find used raised floor tiles

The company Data Center Floor Tiles keeps on-hand warehoused inventory of used and replacement flooring for circumstances where it is needed. Our replacement raised floor tiles consist of excess inventory left over from project installations, used floor panels removed from new installations and recycled panels tagged for refurbishment. The usage of recycled product is a highly cost effective way to replace damaged or worn out panels in your elevated access floor system.

Are recycled replacement panels safe?

It is critical for previously installed products to be inspected and dismantled using the highest level of care possible. If the HPL layer contains any imperfections, the replacement panel must be disposed or set aside for refurbishment. After passing inspection the panel will be cleaned and repackaged for safe storage and shipping. Often times the finished product is mistaken for new at a fraction of the cost.

Construction worker removing used raised floor tiles

Panel refurbishment process

For replacement panels that we identify as structurally sound but needing to be resurfaced, the refurbishment process begins by removing the edge trim and HPL surface. The damaged HPL finish and the factory edge trim are inspected along with the base layer. Furthermore, base layer tiles that pass inspection are eligible for refurbishment. Nonetheless, only after confirming the structural integrity of the base layer is a panel be certified as eligible. Refurbishment includes applying a new HPL top finish attached with new high-strength and variable temperature adhesive glue. To solve edge trim, we add new edge trim pieces to the HPL. Designing the edge trim itself into the HPL is also an option. The clients desired configuration determine if the edge trim is separate or built into the HPL layer.

Is used raised flooring a good value?

Used raised flooring is a tremendous value compared to new stock from manufacturers. Additionally, used, recycled, replacement and refurbished panels offer all of the same benefits of a new system at heavily discounted price. Moreover, no matter if the flooring system space is for needed for simple utility or a showcase system for a state of the art facility, used raised access flooring is a solution worth considering. Compatible with all aisle containment door frames.

Used raised floor tiles installed in a new data center

How to purchase used raised floor tiles

The experts at Data Center Floor Tiles are here to support your raised flooring needs. Our sales team sources your replacement tiles and provides the best solution for your specific project. Contact us now for inventory questions and support.


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