Raised Access Floor Replacement Tiles

Often times, when upgrading or repairing legacy data centers, replacement raised access floor panel tiles for discontinued, damaged or insufficient replacement tiles need sourced.

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Damaged data center floor tile

Why repair & replace raised floor panels?

Legacy data center builds have been in existence for over 30 years in some cases. Previous generation data center floor tiles in facilities are often damaged and in need of repair or replacement. Additionally, flooring option structural loads of modern raised floor tiles along with durability has been dramatically improved.

For raised access floor installation instructions, & floor repairs recommendations, please see our installation guide.

Identify compromised raised floor tiles
Recommend repair or replacement
If needed source manufacturer matched replacement floor tiles
Provide accurate product and delivery quotes
Damaged data center floor tiles

Replace damaged and outdated raised floor tiles

  • Replacement Tiles from Every Manufacturer

    When sourcing replacement raised floor tiles, it is important to have relationships with manufacturers as well as the knowledge to source refurbished floor panels. Our extended warehouse stock and knowledge of the secondary floor tile market makes finding a suitable replacement for your legacy floor tiles a possibility. DCFT makes it easy to remove and replace all types of floor tiles.

  • Refurbished Raised Floor Tiles for Data Centers

    For data center managers on a budget, we offer a variety of refurbished replacement floor tiles for data centers. Replacement floor tiles are thoroughly inspected, cleaned and all wearable parts are repaired & replaced. Order refurbished raised floor
    tiles in both large or small quantities depending on availability.

Identify raised floor replacement panels for raised floor systems

When sourcing raised floor replacement panels for a legacy raised floor system, the most important step is identifying the current raised flooring materials model and manufacturer. This is often difficult since older floor tiles contain little to no information. We recommend supplying high resolution photos of the current flooring system. Photos of the top, bottom and side view of the tile are used to identify the model and manufacturer. Contact us today, we are able to source cost effective new stock or refurbished raised floor tile for replacement.

How to Identify Existing Raised Floor Tile System for Replacement
Raised Floor Replacement Tiles for Data Centers

Refurbishing a dated legacy data center often comes with it’s own sets of challenges. Often times budget constraints dictate the replacement of individual floor tiles or a complete rebuild. If you are considering sourcing new or a rebuild, Data Center Floor Tiles has the resources to recommend and source your raised floor tile. Our specialists recommend the right options to avoid expensive floor repair & handle desired foot traffic for a long time.

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