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Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers & Companies

Manufacturers of raised access floor tiles in The United States, Europe and China.

Finding an access flooring company you trust goes a long way in improving performance functionality when it comes to data centers.

What companies are manufacturers?

Being a Manufacturer of raised access floor tiles requires state of the art equipment and significant manufacturing capabilities. Specifically, raised access flooring manufacturers are industry leaders in flooring products and flooring design technology.

Raised Access Floor & Manufacturing CompanyMost Respected Manufacturers & Access Flooring Company 

The trusted Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers that Data Center Floor Tiles offers products from have a complete product line of solid new woodcore, cement and steel floor tiles. Furthermore, the DCFT access flooring company offers perforated high flow panels for spot cooling in data centers. Flooring surface options include carpet tile and HPL (High Pressure Laminate).

Above all, it is critical to choose a top manufacturer of computer room raised floor tile systems for your data center. Of course, raised access flooring system manufacturers use warehouses and production plants to build and distribute tile systems to their dealer networks. After all, the raised floor systems must meet stringent load ratings, air distribution requirements and structural thresholds for certification. Likewise, various materials are used in the production of raised floor systems. Additionally, the most common type of flooring materials used are , hollow steel, aluminum, natural fibers and HPL laminates make up the construction of the system.

Perforated raised floor panel tiles with black server racksRaised Flooring Systems Components

Specifically, the components that make up a modular raised flooring system include the following:

  • Solid floor panels
  • Perforated floor panels
  • Stringers
  • Pedestal bases for elevation
  • Structural strength glue and screws
  • Hand rails
  • Variety of flooring finishes
  • Ramps
  • Floor grommets
  • Cable trays cable management

Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers Facility

How to choose the right raised access flooring manufacturers

Access floor manufacturers are constantly monitoring the latest data center technology to specifically identify trends and adaptability to new equipment. It is important to future proof your computer flooring workspace or tech environment in order to avoid making mistakes when designing your space. The most important considerations when choosing a raised access flooring company are the growth or downsizing of your current space, HVAC issues, underfloor air requirements, technology upgrades and existing cabling and wiring considerations.

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DCFTRaised Access Flooring Manufacturers & Companies

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