StandUp 33″ Raised Floor Panel Lifter/Puller


The standing raised floor panel lifter is our premium Standup 33″ Floor Tile Lifter/Puller. 33″ Length with Double 5″ cups puller for solid HPL surface data center floor tiles. For some people, bending over or kneeling down to lift floor tiles causes back or arm strain. Save your back from pain with the assistance of the easy lifting Ergonomist, All-Vac designed Verti-Lifter™ StandUp Floor Tile Puller™. The Verti-Lifter is finely designed to be lightweight, simple to use and portable, while still being rugged. You will find that it makes repeated vacuum hold easy lifting of raised floor tile panels fast and safe.

Furthermore, the Verti-Lifter™ is available in three lengths 27″ (under 5’9″), 33″ (5’9″-6’2″) and long handled 37″ (Over 6’2″) to allow users with different heights to find a model that best suits them. Additionally, the chart shown below offers help in choosing the correct model. Although available in both double 4” and double 5” models, we recommend using the double 5” models for most floor tiles because of the increased stability and strength. All StandUp raised floor panel lifter models hang vertically from our WB-1, WB-Redstripe-HL or our Standard Double Cup Wall Bracket.

  • Verti-Lifter,
  • Standup 33″ Height
  • Double 5″ Diameter Vacuum Suction Cups
  • 11.0″ length 5.0″ width, 33″ (84cm) height for persons between 5″9″ and 6’2″ in height
  • Strong steel body attached to cast aluminum handle and base.
  • Trigger release valve for quick & easy release of strong suction grip.
  • Dual 5″ [127mm] rubber vacuum suction cups provide the best stability and hold when lifting raised floor tiles.
  • Rated to lift 75 lbs. in a horizontal orientation. Tool weighs 3.80 lbs.
  • Heavy weight verti-Lifters last longer when properly stored off the ground with our wall mounted brackets.

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Always review safety guidelines when lifting heavy materials.