A1867 – 5″ Replacement Vacuum Suction Cups for Allvac Floor Tile Pullers


These industrial strength cups are used in a variety of industries including metal forming and cutting, packaging (cartoning, case erecting, and palletizing), and plastic sheet fabricating.

Materials include Neoprene, Nitrile, and Silicone. Sold individually.

A1867 – Sold in Pairs

  • Lip Diameter: 5 in / 127 mm
  • Overall Height: Overall height is 2.0″ (51mm)
  • Mounting Stem: Molded with a 5/8-18 hollow male fitting
  • Material: Molded in strong, oil resistant black Nitrile Rubber
  • Replacement vacuum cup for many All-Vac single & double cup lifting tools.
  • Utilized on a variety of automated machinery that lift and move with vacuum.