New Data Center Access Floor Tiles

New data center builds require substantial planning and preparation. The new raised access floor tile for your site should meet all structural requirements and efficiency goals.

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New Data Center Floor Tiles

New Data Center Floor Tiles

We carry a variety of new floor tiles from the most trusted manufacturers and brands like ASM, Tate and Infinity.

DSFT provides cost-effective raised floor tile solutions for every application including data centers, office buildings, casinos, medical centers, air traffic control centers, EOC’s, NOC’s, and telecommunications centers. Our raised access floor system fits a variety of specifications and prices for any budget. We sell cooling air perforated high-flow floor tiles as well as solid surface panels in high pressure laminate, bare concrete, vinyl or customized carpeted options. Customize your cold aisle and optimize cooling systems.

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We provide new, used and refurbished raised access floor tiles from these manufacturers.
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Solid Floor Tile Panels

ASM FS-Series Concrete Filled Panel

High strength cement fill, along with steel designed in the corners where it is needed, gives ASM the best panel loading in the industry. Welded high strength steel provides a solid feel under foot and offers a secure foundation for your data center equipment server rooms.

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ASM FS-Series Concrete filled raised floor panel tile

ASM S-Series Hollow Welded Steel Panel

With its high strength and light weight, the S-Series panel is the product of choice for computer room applications that require light system weights. The panel has the ability to interchange with the FS-Series panel, for ultimate flexibility in flooring design. Panel systems are available in both 24`` and 600 mm.

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ASM FS-Series Hollow Welded Steel Raised Floor Panel Tile

Perforated High Flow Floor Tiles

Infinity Air Grate High-Flow Steel Perforated Panel 55%

The Infinity Air Grate is a heavy duty 24`` x 24`` perforated steel floor panel that can adapt into virtually every access floor system. With a massive 55% open area, the Infinity Air Grate delivers over three times the cold air flow of other perforated panels along with the strength to support a static load of 1,500lb.

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Infinity Air Grate High Flow Floor Panel Tile for Data Centers

ASM AF250 Steel Air High-Flow Perforated Panel

25% Open area for high volume air flow. 24`` or 600 mm size. Available with top-adjusting slide dampers. Interchangeable with FS-Series and S-Series panel systems. High pressure laminate finish.

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ASM AF250 Steel Air Flow Perforated Floor Tile Panel

ASM AF320 Steel Air High-Flow Perforated Panel

32% Open area for high volume air flow. Interchangeable with FS-Series and S-Series panel systems. Green rated, uses 82% recycled material Rated at 1,500 lb. concentrated load and 4,500 lb ultimate load. AF320 systems offer welded steel assembly with standard ESD powder coated finish.

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ASM AF320 High Flow Floor Tile

ASM AF500 & AF600 Aluminum Air Grate

56% Open area for high volume air flow 24`` or 600 mm size Available with top-adjusting slide dampers or opposed blade dampers. Interchangeable with FS-Series and S-Series panel systems. Die-cast aluminum construction. Raised floor system suitable for clean room applications. Made of 100% recycled material. ESD Conductive epoxy paint finish.

Product Details
ASM AF500 AF600 Aluminum Air Flow Perforated Floor Tile Panel Grate

ASM DAG500 Directional Air Grate

61.3% Open area. Available in 24`` size. ESD finish powder coat epoxy paint. Corner-Lock feature available. 100% Variable damper setting. Adjustable from top of panel. Die-cast aluminum construction. Available with adjustable dampers.

Product Details
ASM DAG 500 Directional Air Grate High Flow Perforated Panel
Replacement Raised Floor Tiles for Data Centers

Choosing the right datacenter raised floor panel

Choosing the correct new data center floor tiles for your data center is a critical and significant investment in your new data center build. When selecting solid panels or high-flow panels you must consider load requirements, anti static and hot and cold aisle air flow requirements. When considering the purchase of new floor tiles for your data center, Data Center Floor Tiles has the resources to recommend and source your raised access floor tile.

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