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Maximize Performance of Elevated Floor Systems in a Computer Server Room

Elevated floor systems are a combination of elevated floor tiles & understructure pedestal bases. Raised floor installation in an office environment or computer flooring space requires a solid base surface such as concrete. This type of system exists in data center computer server rooms, however they are not exclusive to this application. Data center equipment sits directly on top of the raised floor in server racks. In addition to data centers, find raised floor systems in office buildings, network operations centers (NOCS), schools, control rooms, casinos and hospitals. Notably any application that requires a vacant space to run electrical wiring and air conditioned HVAC supplies benefits from a cost effective system. Server rooms require cable management and utility supplies in data centers and industrial applications requires elevated flooring. The type of flooring surfaces include high pressure laminate and carpeting with cable tray beneath the raised floor. Moreover, the selection depends on load ratings, underfloor air distribution, power sources, temperature and humidity requirements and the desired profile access flooring to create an efficient system.

Elevated Floor Systems and Data Center Raised Floor TileElevated Raised Floor System Structural Components

Typically, build a computer room raised floor on a concrete slab understructure. There are many advantages of elevated floor systems when creating a server room. Control room floor tiles use a pedestal base to raise the access floor panel. This adjustable pedestal base is configurable to a wide variety of floor heights depending on under floor requirements. Adhere the pedestal base to the surface using hardware or high-strength adhesives. Height ranges from a few inches to four feet. Pedestals and panel materials will vary a wide range depending on factors such as seismic requirements, rolling and standing weight figures and flooring finishes and surface preferences. Alongside the pedestal bases, the system requires high quality bolted stringers made out of steel or aluminum to form a grid for panels to rest on. Computer equipment generates a lot heat. A fire suppression system can be used for emergency response. Server room designs must accommodate power supplies, heat generation and power outage scenarios. Mission critical server rooms typically incorporate physical security and the capability to extinguish fires and keep equipment safe.

Elevated Floor System in a CasinoSize

Floor panel size is approximately 24″ x 24″. Systems are able to cover thousands of square feet of space. Furthermore, large and small spaces are an ideal environment for data center floor tiles. Above all, the benefit of this system provides an ideal space to run HVAC, along with power and server cord wiring. Delivering cool air to computers and server components is critical to maintaining a proper technology platform. Keeping equipment safe is the goal. From server racks to floor tiles to exterior walls, we’ve got you covered.


Raised floor panel materials are internally filled with steel, concrete floor, wood core or are hollow. Server Rooms require material selection depends on structural load requirements. Surrounding core panels is a combination of steel, rubber, carpet and aluminum.

Elevated Floor System in a Control RoomElevated Floor System Manufacturers

In general raised access flooring system manufacturers provide a wide variety of products that are specific to individual site requirements. It is critical to speak with a representative at Data Center Floor Tiles in order to properly spec and quote pricing for raised floor systems. Our experienced staff includes former employees of the manufacturer, Tate Access Flooring. In addition, the most common manufacturers of panels include Haworth, ASM, and Infinity.

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DCFTMaximize Performance of Elevated Floor Systems in a Computer Server Room

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