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Raised access floor tiles are used in a variety of environments. We have extensive experience in providing floors for all environments.

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Raised Access Floor Markets

High flow raised access floor panel tiles in a data center

Data Centers

Raised access floor tiles are most commonly used in data center applications. Servers require significant amounts of wiring and power to components. Installing raised flooring gives data center managers the opportunity to position racks where desired and hide wires under the floor.

Raised access floor tile in office building

Office Buildings

Office building spaces are often being reconfigured and redesigned. Raised access flooring allows for power and data components to not be an issue when reconfiguring office space. A variety of carpet and vinyl styles are available.

Raised floor tile in a casino

Hotels & Casinos

Casino machines and spaces are constantly being repositioned and cycled through to keep the gaming experience fresh. Often times rows of machines are moved. When moving gaming machines, the inclusion of raised access flooring makes sure every possible configuration can be created.

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Medical center hospital lab with raised access flooring

Medical Centers, Labs, & Hospitals

In hospitals, labs and medical centers, sterile environments are often the focus. Raised access flooring for medical applications is most often installed with a sterile vinyl and non-slip surface to promote easy clean up and safety in sensitive environments.

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Thin blue line police american flag

Security/Police Stations

Security and police stations often contain large AV monitoring walls that have many power and communications requirements. The flexibility of a raised floor system allows security operators to safely focus on their critical assignments.

Airport air traffic control gate with raised floor tiles

Airports & Air Traffic Control Centers

Both air traffic control centers and airports can benefit from the use of raised access floor tiles. Carpet tiles can be customized for each environment and are easily swapped out in high-traffic quick wear areas. Raised floor is the preferred option for transportation locations.

EOC control room with raised access floor tiles


Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) require 24/7 response and an equally impressive flooring solution. Running communications cables and power cables in a way that avoids creating a trip hazard is possible with a raised floor solution. Seamless performance is a requirement in these sophisticated locations.

NOC Control room with raised floor tiles

Network Operations Centers (NOC) are one of the most demanding environments for critical monitoring of data and events. Often times operators work in high-stress situations that requires their full attention. Padded and carpeted tiles are ideal when time spent on foot is high and fatigue is a factor.

NOC Design
Telecommunications call center with raised access floor tiles

Telecommunications Call Centers

Standard office building setups aren’t suitable for high traffic call center environments. Desks, rows and configurations are constantly being revised. Having a flexible flooring solutions allows for endless configurations in todays critical environments.

Military government facility with raised access floor


Military and government installations require a high performance flooring options In most cases, security protocols and manufacturing requirements must be met. Our floor tiles meet and exceed all requirements for government and military installations.

Control Room

Control Rooms

Control rooms require significant structural support and flexibility in order to meet the demands of a 24/7 environment. Having raised floor tiles in a control room allows the flexibility to reconfigure spaces when the needs of critical environments evolve.

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