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Essential Data Center Components: Existing, New Construction & Remodel Builds

Basic Data Center Components consist of a wide variety of essential products to ensure efficient and reliable operation of critical facilities.

1. These key components of all types of data centers infrastructure will keep your site optimized.

2. They also ensure that your site is within the scope of best practices.

Key Data Center Components

  • Building infrastructure
  • Power supply
  • Cooling
  • Networking
  • Physical security
  • Storage system
  • Monitoring & management

The data center facility is essential to keep modern business running. Most companies store and process critical data through enterprise data centers with private network infrastructure. Others use a cloud data centers or colocation data centers.

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Existing, New Construction & Remodels

Data center managers are tasked with the prospect of remodeling an existing data center location. The goal is to maximize systems and for hardware & systems to run smoother. Managing data center remodel builds must take into consideration the existing physical structure and work within the framework. New Construction modern applications and data center networking builds are cutting edge state of the art facilities, that integrate modular flexible design concepts.

Considerations for Updating & Remodeling Existing Data Centers

  • Existing sites will need to determine the possibility of downtime
  • Consideration for power requirements
  • Opportunities to upgrade wiring and cabling
  • Replacement of existing worn out access floor systems
  • Upgrades to security via cages and access points to keep data systems secure
  • Include a hot or cold aisle containment system
  • Replace aging components of a data centre

New Construction Data Centers

  • Modular data centers offer increased flexibility for future upgrades & protocol updates
  • Choose a proven software monitoring system
  • Have a backup data plan
  • Considerations to manage multiple data centers
  • Opportunity for green data center construction

Recommended Data Center Components

  • Hot or Cold aisle containment with doors and panels
  • Cooling systems equipment design and airflow plan
  • Solid and high flow perforated data center floor tiles system
  • Overhead cable tray wiring system
  • Underfloor plenum
  • Top priority physical caged and software network system
  • Networking equipment
  • Expandable server rack housings
  • Blanking panels to fill gaps in blank server rack positions
  • Magnetic roll barrier strips to quickly fill gaps in server racks
  • Data storage components
  • Data center security cages, monitoring & active machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence identification, blocking and security services
  • Uninterruptible power supplies

Rely on DCFT to Help Design and Build Your Data Center

Data centers operate 24/7. It is important to keep managed service data centers and data applications in good health. DCFT makes critical product & component recommendations so you can rest assured your data centers operate smoothly. Contact us to see how we can help.

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DCFTEssential Data Center Components: Existing, New Construction & Remodel Builds