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Professional data center cleaning companies provide products and services that meet industry standards. In addition, meeting the requirements for cleanroom environments is important. Mission critical spaces require extreme care. The data processing equipment in a data center is extremely valuable. In order to avoid damaging costly servers and electronics, this equipment requires specific cleaning services & procedures. Our cleaning technicians receive training in surface cleaning techniques as well as subfloor (under floor) plenum cleaning. We subscribe to ASHRAE technical cleaning recommendations and procedures in order to ensure satisfactory results and keep your data center running. The data center cleaning products are lint-free, dry mop and have anti-static dissipative properties to remove particulates. Likewise the usage of water introduced in the facility is kept to a minimum in order to avoid dangerous spills.

What does a data center cleaning company do? 

  • Post construction cleaning
  • Subfloor underfloor plenum cleaning
  • Cleaning certification
  • Cleaning standards by ASHRAE
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Removal & cleaning of perforated floor tiles
  • Sensitive equipment server room cleaning
  • Cleanroom cleaning
  • Services to data centers
  • Provide quotes for data center cleaning costs
  • Computer room maintenance
  • Keep your data facilities clean
  • Collection of loose & forgotten parts
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s (LEED) standards cleaning products & procedures compliance

Subfloor plenum data center cleaning companies


Data center cleaning services

It is important to use antistatic equipment and cleaning solution supplies best practices when preparing and cleaning a data center. Our highly trained technicians use cleaning checklists to ensure your data center equipment is protected and that the data center operation is simultaneously reliable. Our cleaning supplies & service certainly meets and exceeds work environment cleaning certifications standards for raised floors.

Data Center Cleaning Company Technician

Cleaning of the Access Floor Plenum Space: 

Access floors used for supply or return air should follow the guidelines as established in NFPA-90A, Section B-5.2 which recommends that a newly installed access floor cavity be cleaned once a quarter after initial commission and then adjusted to the frequency as needed by the environment and the dirt build-up. The dirt collection basket supplied with underfloor air floor diffusers should be removed from inside the diffuser and cleaned on the same quarterly basis, and then adjusted to the environment. 

DCFT is unquestionably one of the elite cleaning and maintenance companies. Additionally, we provide regular cleaning services and products throughout the United States. If your data center environment requires regular maintenance cleaning or deep cleaning services, our services are available from New York across the entire country to California. Of course, don’t ignore the importance of sub-floor and surface cleaning in your data center. Accordingly, we have locations near you to provide technical data center cleaning services and cleaning equipment for all sized server rooms.

Data Center Cleaning Areas We Serve

DCFT offers data center cleaning services from coast to coast in the Contiguous lower 48 states of the United States of America. From California to New York, Florida to Montana, we have you covered.

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DCFTData Center Cleaning Companies Service

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