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Keeping data centers cold with aisle containment solutions is the best compliment to traditional and modern data center cooling methods.

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Data center server row with cold aisle containment and doors

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Above all, we are your one-stop resource for hot and cold aisle containment projects. Manage hot and cold supply airflow with a containment system. In addition, reduce energy & cooling costs, help maintain cooling units and separate equipment exhaust return air to keep cold air from mixing. We achieve results where return air flow and supply air flow are always separated.

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Hot or Cold Aisle Containment System?

The first decision you must make when designing a data center is hot or cold aisle containment system. However, the answer isn't always clear. Specifically, the equipment you use, from racks to servers, blanking panels, slab or raised floor, and existing air conditioning & cooling units will factor into determining which containment method is right for your data center. A physical barrier hot aisle containment system is easier to implement when complimented with an existing drop ceiling.

Hot aisle containment double sliding doors in a data center
Sets of cooling towers in data center building

Cooling Units & Separating Equipment Exhaust

We recommend cooling units or retrofit existing cooling system equipment that increases cooling capacity needs. Meanwhile, cooling units combined with a CAC system separates the cold supply airflow from warm exhaust air. Subsequently, keeping hot and cold air temperatures from mixing results in reduced energy costs. In addition, this process further helps cooling efficiency by preserving the life of critical ac coil & air conditioning equipment.

Cold aisle containment panels white row
  • Aisle Containment Doors

    Aisle containment doors come in a variety of configurations. For instance, budget options include polyurethane strip doors. Of course, enterprise data centers typically choose hinged or sliding doors for optimal air intrusion and leakage prevention along with ideal durability and aesthetics. Furthermore, for metal doors, high strength aluminum is typically the material of choice. Security doors are also an option.

  • Aisle Containment Walls and Panels

    Solid polycarbonate semi-translucent walls are considered the gold standard in containment. Varying height panel walls provide ideal air containment as well as allow lighting to filter through the translucent panels. This eliminates the need for lighting inside of the containment system. We provide variety of options for ceiling panels. Standard panels or thermal panels with fire suppression that breakaway during emergency events if needed.

  • Aisle Containment Framework

    Hi strength aluminum framework provides a worry-free and highly flexible design structure to attach your containment panels, walls and doors. In general, the framework is built on or off-site depending on the amount of customization required. For larger standardized installations pre-built kits are delivered and then assembled on-site with minimal cutting required.

Black Perforated High Flow Data Center Floor Tile

Raised Access Floor Integration

Containment systems rely on the delivery of cool air to data center hotspots in conjunction with the release of hot equipment exhaust air from server racks. High flow perforated floor tiles effectively deliver conditioned cool air into troublesome zones. Highly efficient data center containment systems rely on these raised floor tiles to create the most efficient system possible. Isolating equipment from and removing hot exhaust air is the highest priority in a containment system.

Data Center Hot Cold Aisle Containment

Choosing the Right Solution

Choosing the right containment system is confusing. Hot or cold? Softwall or hardwall? Budget constraints? Fire suppression needs? By and large, these are just a few of the initial decisions that have to be made. Save time and frustration compared to the competition. In conclusion, Data Center Floor Tiles designs the best containment solution to fit your data centers needs and keep hot and cold air from mixing.

Tips for building a Greener Data Center

The effects of climate change are more profound than ever. It is critical for businesses to curb carbon emissions from their data centers. Design a data center that is more eco friendly. Achieve net zero carbon emissions with a critical aisle containment system. But first, check out these 6 steps to a Greener Data Center. Furthermore, Contact Us for best practices to achieving a greener data center.

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