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Data Center Floor Tiles is a data center products dealer. Above all, we support hyperscale, enterprise, telecom and colocation facilities. Our specialty is quality data center floor tiles, aisle containment solutions, and replacement parts. Browse our online catalog of new + replacement data center raised access floor and data center products.

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New and Used Data Center Floor Tiles - High-Flow Replacement and Aisle Containment

Data Center Products

  • New raised computer floor tiles

    We offer new data center raised floor tiles for existing data center sites, retrofit sites and hyperscale data center builds. Our raised floor panels’ specifications include hollow or solid filled options depending on your site needs and requirements. In addition, all of our modular floor tiles are developed and manufactured in the United States.

  • Replacement raised data center floor tiles

    With our extensive knowledge of legacy raised floor panel systems, we remotely identify your current system. We recommend options for individual replacement data center raised floor panel tiles that have reached end of life and are in need of replacement. We offer new, refurbished, or source used raised floor tiles solutions.

    Additionally, we design new floor systems using existing structures. Our goal is to provide a raised flooring system that fits your needs.

  • High flow raised floor tiles

    We offer high flow floor tiles in a variety of air-flow configurations. Standard, high-flow or adjustable damper options are available to fit any budget and data center raised tiles requirement. In a high performance computer room, it is essential to efficiently deliver cool air using an access floor system.

  • Clear raised floor tiles

    Unlike traditional data center floor tiles, Clear Floor Tiles offer data center managers the opportunity to visually assess critical components without removing heavy tiles.

  • Raised floor tile accessories

    We supply data center floor tile pullers and panel lifters with dual suction cups, floor pedestal adhesive, anti-corrosive cleaners, integrated floor tile fans and raised floor grommets to customize and cleaning services to maintain your data center floor.

  • Aisle Containment

    We design, install and build Aisle Containment systems from the ground up for new data centers. Furthermore, we frequently design systems around your existing server aisles that may be underperforming. Aisle containment is an extremely effective way to reduce energy consumption and increase equipment efficiency. Choosing between a cold aisle system or a hot aisle system is specifically dependent on your equipment requirements. A cold aisle system focuses on delivering cold air to equipment intakes while a hot aisle system focuses on expelling hot air from equipment exhaust.

Data Center Raised Floor Experience

For over 30 years, we have supported data center builds all over the world. We supply and install all varieties of data center raised computer floor tiles and data center products in the most technologically advanced environments.

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